Our OPAL Partnership

At IISAS, we are very selective about our partnerships.  Our independence ensures that you get a solution that is absolutely right for your business and not just a best fit.

We partner with the very best manufacturers in the industry, so you can be sure of getting the very best solutions available on the market.  We have partnered wit OPAL to offer our customers the very best deals in ongoing infrastructure costs, recognising that this is a big issue for all businesses and where we can do our bit to help reduce your ongoing operational costs, we'll do just that.

Opal Partner
OPAL provide broadband, telephone lines and mobile services for the business community.

IISAS have many years experience designing, installing and supporting solutions that provide cost effective services.  Our partnership with OPAL means that we can also provide you with extremely competitive pricing on your broadband, telephone line and interconnect services.


Reduced Network Infrastructure and Call Charges A real cost effective alternative to using BT.  You will benefit from substantial savings on your operational costs associated with you broadband, telephone line rental and ongoing call costs.

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