Our NICE Partnership

At IISAS, we are very selective about our partnerships.  Our independence ensures that you get a solution that is absolutely right for your business and not just a best fit.

We partner with the very best manufacturers in the industry, so you can be sure of getting the very best solutions available on the market.  In the call centre industry we have found that using an expert in data analytics is far better than using the in-house solutions of the ACD manufacturers.  We have partnered with NICE Systems to give you a powerful alternative to the standard feature-set of ACD Real-time Management Reporting.

NICE Systems Partner NICE Systems provide Data Analysis tools to make sure your Call Centre is handling your customer interactions correctly.

IISAS have many years experience designing, installing and supporting solutions that include Nice systems.  A key benefit of adding NICE to your call centre is:


NICE SmartCenter Gain insight into your customer interactions to aid training, check compliance, find revenue opportunities or improve processes.  Make your business more efficient by improving staff planning and automating tasks where possible.

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