About Us

IISAS is a technology company focused on providing its customers with the highest standard of support and professional services. We have an extensive technical and business experience acquired over many years of working in various industry sectors.

We offer individual services that customers can consolidate into end-to-end solutions, thereby delivering optimum business benefits, financial savings and return on investment.


Unlike many other suppliers we offer a wide range of services that cover the complete end-to-end customer requirements of a technical solution. Our services include design, installation, support and consultancy of voice and data solutions across multiple products and industry sectors.


IISAS can provide the above services on a comprehensive product portfolio that covers all call centre / office technologies. This includes, but is not limited to ACD, PBX, IVR, Data Network, Intelligent Network and all associated peripherals.


IISAS specialise in delivering multi-component solutions that are not restricted to a single product manufacturer and are suitable for all industry sectors.  We have a wealth of experience in deploying enterprise level solutions as well as exceptional technical expertise in the SME environments. We are experienced in the latest communication technologies such as VoIP and SIP in addition to the more traditional mediums.


We partner with a number of leading product manufacturers who enable us to provide a wide choice of components to suit varying requirements of solution. Through our partners we have the backing of their organisations to support us from a product and technical perspective.